The Unexplained death of George Mott who died in bed by Spontaneous Human Combustion:

George Mott was a retired fireman that suffered from lung problems and required an air mask and pump to breathe. In March 1986, his son, Kendall, visited him and found all the windows browned and the interior smoked. His father’s remains consisted of ash, a few splinters of bone and a fragment of skull. The very localized damage suggested that George had died from spontaneous combustion – a situation that has yet to be explained.

Unusual Facts about this case:

  • He had been a fireman in upstate New York for 30 years. On March 25th 1986 in Crown Point, New York he met with a fire he could not control.
  • The House did not catch on fire
  • Greasy coating covered every horizontal surface
  • The water evaporated from the toilet
  • The bath tub was ring w/ a pitch dark suit as some had taken a bath in black pain
  • The refrigerator had a package of hot dogs that was boiled in its own wrapping.

My Thoughts on this:  He was an alcoholic and heavy smoker, which to me suggest that he was in severe guilt for something he should of  not  done.   Maybe there was a higher power that saw fit to end his life at that time for a sin that he did no repent of ….  was this sin so evil that God allowed hell itself to consume and take him through Spontaneous Combustion??? Was the story of Ananias and Sapphira from Acts 5:1-11 repeated again, but this time by Fire? Was this just a strange set of events that set by a freak electrical spark of energy combined by his medicines?

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